Ghost Retainer Sheets (Pack of 20 Sheets)
Ghost Aligner Sheets

Ghost Retainer Sheets (Pack of 20 Sheets)


Thermoplastic sheet for dental alignment, made from a special mixture, which is transparent and elastic, allowing for a dental aligner that produces a gentle and therefore more consistent force.
This specificity creates important advantages for the orthodontist because it allows for a more precise bond by enabling improved control of tooth movement.
The great elasticity that characterizes GHOST ALIGNER® optimizes the adaptation of the template to tooth morphology, attachments, and interdental spaces achieving excellent results. A better fit allows a more stable contact point, promoting force consistency and thus more precise tooth movement.

Leading laboratories, both nationally and internationally, use GHOST ALIGNER® disc on a daily basis to make aligners for their patients.
Aligners made with GHOST ALIGNER® take advantage of all the technology and physical and mechanical properties of the special polyurethane mixture, resulting, therefore, in significantly more effective and efficient than those made with materials belonging to obsolete technologies such as pure PET-G.

Aligners constructed with GHOST ALIGNER®, while maintaining the same aesthetic and transparency characteristics as other aligners on the market, are more comfortable to wear and remove because they are more elastic and also do not interfere with phonesis. They are very easy to remove and insert. Patients who wear aligners constructed with GHOST ALIGNER® experience no discomfort to their gums or teeth.

GHOST ALIGNER® is coated on both sides with a very thin (20-micron) thermoplastic protective film that can be optionally removed after the thermoforming process, so the disc retains its original transparency and shine while avoiding possible opacity caused by the porous surface of the 3D resin model.

Pack of 20 discs bagged together in a triple-layer aluminum envelope to protect them from light and moisture.

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